Joshua Allen was deported from Australia after a man was shot in the leg, which led to police. Photo / Rob Kid

A man who was leaning towards the victim of the bandit to withdraw his statement to the police was sentenced to house arrest.

31-year-old Joshua Greg Allen, one of many criminals known as the “501” deported from Australia in recent years, has previously pleaded guilty to charges of misconduct.

He made headlines in Perth in 2014 after a man was shot in the leg and Allen was arrested and charged after a week of hunting.

Lawyer Anne Stevens QC said her client was an infant when he left New Zealand and has not had much support in society since.

Now he was in a relationship and was soon to become a father, the court heard.

Judge Jim Lorge acknowledged that imprisonment will lead to real difficulties for the new family, and noted that Allen will lose his job removing asbestos if he is incarcerated.

On January 8, four members of the Mongols motorcycle club – in T-shirts decorated with gang insignia – went to a house in South Dunedin.

There they demanded the keys to the camper, Nissan car and ATV and fled with the fleet.

Two days later, one of the gang members was arrested after police found him with a stolen minibus.

Enter Allen.

Early on January 13, he showed up at the victim’s home and asked the man to write an affidavit stating that he had been “spent on drugs” at the time, which effectively deprived the detainee of any involvement.

If the victim refused, “the boys wouldn’t be very happy,” Allen said.

The same day Allen appeared in court in a case unrelated to this, and while there, he took from the register a pre-formatted law.

Literally hours after his first visit, he returned to the victim’s home with documents and suggested various ways the victim could acquit a gang member.

In both cases, as the court heard, Allen was “not threatening.”

Stevens said the defendant was not going to receive personal gain, and Allen thought he was just playing the role of mediator.

Elena was sentenced to seven months of house arrest.

The three men pleaded guilty to threatening to steal cars and will be sentenced on various dates from today to June.

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