There’s a whole lot of variables that contribute to your Android phone’s low battery performance. Android Phone batteries suffer as a result of thinner bodies, better displays, quicker processors, more background applications, and high-speed internet connections, but makers are compensating by installing more robust cells.

And it is no wonder that our computers, cell phones, and tablets’ batteries will run out rapidly. But there are ways to get more life out of your battery and invest extra time with your gadgets. These suggestions might also help you delay the moment when your battery no longer holds any charge.

Avoid apps that consume a lot of battery power

Whether you’re using it for things that need additional resources from the system, such as streaming videos or playing games online, it consumes more power. Inputting notes and surfing the web are also tiring jobs for your phone. Multitasking, like playing music and reading an eBook, might also cause the battery to drain quicker. So, whenever you’ve finished using an app, shut it.

Minimise the push notifications

Turn off push notifications or minimise the frequency with which your phone alerts you to new info, such as e – mail, gaming updates, real-time sports results, or financial quotations, if possible,  just take down messages when absolutely needed. If you still need push mail, at the very least disable notifications for your smartphone’s less-used applications individually.

Turn off the vibration to save battery

When compared to a sound, vibration uses more battery power. While typing or receiving a notice for a call or text, you may want to keep your phone vibrating slightly. Going the other route might significantly extend the life of the battery of your smartphone.

When not in use, turn off features

We all know that vital functionalities of a smartphone include Bluetooth,Wi-Fi, GPSand mobile data. However, these functionalities use the majority of the battery. While the phone’s battery is low, turn it off when not in use or when your battery power is low, you may use power conservation mode or use flight mode to help your battery last longer.

Charging should be turned off at 100%

The another, and most prevalent, error is failing to unplug the charger once the battery has been fully charged. Although there is no risk of overcharging here, when you leave your charger on for prolonged periods of time after the battery has been fully charged, the battery performance will be shortened.

Sleep timeout should be reduced

When you wake the screen, it stays active for a specified amount of time, even after you’ve completed the task you were working on. You may choose the duration of the screen timeout, and the shorter it is, the less battery is lost.

Switch to the Dark mode / Theme

Changing to a dark mode might help you save battery life. Backgrounds with dark blacks allow screens to use less power since individual pixels may be disabled. This may be utilised in a number of different ways.Applying a dark wallpaper, activating a system-wide dark mode if your phone has one, and setting the night mode on compatible applications like Twitter, Pocket, and others are all good places to start.


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