Police and Waka Kotahi remind people that everyone needs to not get to anyone.

After a horrific weekend when 11 people died on the road, police and Waka Kotahi remind people that they must take responsibility and make the right decisions every time they are on the road.

“It’s completely unacceptable that so many lives have been lost in a few days,” said Assistant Police Commissioner Bruce O’Brien.

“In addition, there will be people who have survived accidents who will be left with life-changing injuries. Some people have months of recovery, some people unfortunately never recover. We recognize that the police have an important role to play in ensuring the safety of people on the road. That’s why we focus without apology on making sure that people who are speeding and stopping drivers are clearly not focused on what they are doing. “

“Make no mistake, we will continue to do so and we are committed to further improving our performance. However, only the police cannot change the number of people who die on our roads. Our road safety partners can’t either, “said Assistant Commissioner O’Brien.

“The fact is that drivers and racers have to take some responsibility. Police cannot be on every street corner or on every stretch of highway. Every road user has a role to play in getting to where he or she is driving safely.

“It’s not difficult, and it’s hard for me to understand how we’re still having this conversation. We just ask people to treat driving or riding motorcycles with the care and respect it deserves. ”

“Slow down, pay attention if you’re drunk – don’t get behind the wheel and always fasten your seat belts – or a helmet if you’re a rider. These are not big requests. And if people had paid attention and followed these basic safety guidelines, we would not have continued to lose lives on the road, says Assistant Commissioner O’Brien.

“I grieve for family and friends who are now mourning the loss of their loved ones. Their lives have changed forever. So let’s stop more families from having to go through this. Let’s all play our part in more careful conditions on the road.

“And if you have a family member or friend who you think shouldn’t be driving because they were drunk, stop them and take the keys. If you know someone who likes to drive faster than a limited speed, talk to him. Tell them that you care about them and worry about the possible consequences of their actions. “

“If we all make an effort, together we will be able to turn everything around. We aim to reduce the number of road deaths by 40 per cent by 2030, and this will really require a collective effort from every road user in New Zealand. The police and our partners are committed to their role. We ask our communities to do the same, ”said Assistant Commissioner O’Brien.

Waka Kotahi, director of land transport, Kane Patten, says the losses will have a devastating effect on the families and wider communities of those killed.

“Unfortunately, the events this weekend are not isolated, but rather part of a huge public health problem that affects Aatearoa throughout the year. For every person who died on our roads, seven more were seriously injured, many of them lifelong and exhausted.

“It is time for us, as a country, to stop acknowledging that a certain number of deaths and serious injuries is just the price we pay for our mobility. New Zealand’s “Road to Zero” strategy is based on the belief that no one deserves death or serious injury on our roads, even if they make mistakes.

“Deaths and serious injuries can be prevented, as we are all obliged to follow traffic rules, fasten seat belts and avoid driving in a state of disruption or distraction.”

“In our role as a government agency, reducing the number of accidents is much more than just the way we drive a car – it makes all the different parts of the system safer – roads, vehicles, speed and people. We are determined to play our part, ”said Kane Patten.


Issued by the Police Media Center

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