The Bank of New Zealand’s Internet banking services are currently down. Photo / Peter de Graaf

Customers can use their bank cards in stores and regain access to online banking services after a serious shutdown this morning, which turned off services, according to the Bank of New Zealand.

The failure was reported by customers who were unable to log in to Internet banking today at 10.19.

Hundreds of shoppers were caught in supermarkets and other stores unable to pay for the goods after their bank cards were rejected.

They also could not use the services of the Internet and mobile banking for individual and business clients, as well as the services of client funds until about 15.20.

A BNZ spokesman said the bank’s systems were now working again.

“We can confirm that this issue has been resolved, and all Internet and mobile banking services, as well as card payments are available,” he said.

“We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.”

An update on the bank’s Facebook page states that “our systems are working.”

“Now customers can access online banking channels and make transactions using their BNZ cards,” the bank said.

“Our branches will remain closed until the end of the day so that branch staff can assist colleagues in the contact center in customer service over the phone.”

– Thank you for your patience.

An earlier update on the Facebook page from 13:13 said that the bank’s team “is working hard to fix the systemic problems we are facing today.”

“Although we have no waiting time to share, we will continue to provide updates here,” the statement said.

“Meanwhile, customers who have been denied a card while using PayWave may try to insert their card into the terminal.”

“Unfortunately, this is not a solution for 100 percent of transactions, but it should be effective for a large proportion of rejected transactions. Credit cards do not affect these problems and work normally.”

Under the Facebook update, the bank’s customers posted about 2,000 messages.

“I was just embarrassed standing at the exit, lunch was already eaten, the card does not work and can not access the application or Internet banking,” – said the Facebook user.

“Another lady kindly offered to pay my bill, but it’s less than perfect! Please sort it out as soon as possible.”

Another mom said she needed to go out soon and do weekly shopping.

“I don’t have the opportunity to go back to town for another week! If I don’t go soon, my kids will miss food for a week.”

Another user said it was not good enough.

β€œOn vacation with family without access to funds,” they said.

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