The killer Grace Milan sent her outrageous messages on Tinder, trying to lure her on a date – before he brutally killed her.

After that, 29-year-old Jesse Kempson was found guilty of murder strangled to death British tourist Grace after they met on a Tinder date in Auckland.


Grace and Kempson leave Sky City after meeting on a date
Kempson was persistent in his efforts to get Grace to meet him


Kempson was persistent in his efforts to get Grace to meet him

The body of a 21-year-old boy was later found buried in a suitcase in the woods outside the city.

Corrupt Kempsan is serving a life sentence for the murder of Grace, who has just arrived in New Zealand on a trip with tourists after school.

She met her killer on Tinder, and the couple went on a date before she was killed in the early hours of December 2, 2018 – her 22nd birthday.

Kempson sent Grace a message in the dating app, and their conversation is a horrific record of how he insisted in his efforts to get her to meet him.

The killer began the fateful conversation with the words, “Hey, Grace, how are you ?? A lot planned for the weekend?

She replied, “Hey, I’m fine, thanks, and actually I have a birthday tomorrow, but I have no plans.”

Then Kempson replied, “Oh, damn happy birthday tomorrow. So a lot is planned for tonight?”

“Haha, thank you, I’m not,” Grace wrote in response.

He then invited them on a date, but at first Grace seemed hesitant to say “yes, maybe.”

Insisting, he said, “Maybe so ??” to which she replied, “Convince me.”

He then offered to meet at a “cool Mexican place near SkyCity” in central Auckland where they make “wonderful cocktails”.

“Okay, not Mexicans, but maybe cocktails,” Milan replies.

The the killer then wrote, “Okay, upstairs there are a few places where great cocktails are served, how about we meet at SkyCity?”

Grace is still hesitant at this point, but Kempson pushes her on a date, telling him, “Haven’t I said so yet?”

But Kempson, whom police described as a “narcissist”continued to try to set up a date with Grace until their conversation dragged on into the night.

“You also didn’t say‘ no. ’So what will it take for that to happen? It would be good,” he said.

Grace looked hesitant before she finally agreed


Grace looked hesitant before she finally agreed

Grace tells him that she only has casual clothes with her, and he says it’s “good”.

“So that’s it? Meet near SkyCity?” he insists.

It was almost 3am when Grace told him “okay” and said add her to Facebook, revealing her full name.

Surveillance footage showed Grace meeting Kempson at 5:45 p.m. in Sky City, and the couple went to a hamburger restaurant.

Grace sent a photo of the SkyCity Christmas tree to her family – the last message they ever received from her.

Kempson told police they parted in about five hours, but video surveillance showed they were returning to his apartment.

It was the first of many lies that led police to believe he had killed Grace.

In recent pictures of Grace alive, footage showed her and Kempson kissing, hugging and entering the building relaxed and happy.

He eventually confessed to killing her, but with a nauseating opinion stated it was a sex game.

But police officers, who knew Grace had been strangled for up to ten minutes, refused to buy him, as did the jury when he appeared in court.

They unanimously found Kempson guilty on November 22, 2019 after a two-week trial.

Grace went on a journey of a lifetime


Grace went on a journey of a lifetimeCredit: provided as a technical service, not a conclusion or implied.
Recent images of Grace alive show her in an elevator to Kempson’s apartment


Recent images of Grace alive show her in an elevator to Kempson’s apartment

At the moment, police knew that the killer of Grace Milan Jesse Kempson lied about the missing British tourist

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