Preparatory documents for the Synod of Bishops of 2021-23 on the Synod make it clear that the excluded must be included: bishops around the world are called to “make every effort” to consult and listen to those who feel excluded or Read on

Dear young people, especially about you I think when I allow these thoughts to unravel. You will be the architects of the future. Amazing science and technology will open doors we haven’t even come to yet. Read on

the next dad will forget everything
People in the Vatican often use biblical allusions to express their expectations. This was the case with a senior official of the Roman Curia on March 19, just hours after Pope Francis published his new apostolic constitution to fully Read on

human connection
I walked through the halls of the HIMSS Global Conference and Health Exhibition and was amazed by this technology. I was looking for surprises, bold innovations and magic that could change the world. HIMSS asked us to “rethink” heather, however Read on

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