Cryptocurrency has seen soaring heights in the year 2021 and it has gained popularity financially .Bitcoin , a familiar name in trading has hit new records and has seen downfall too. Ethereum, the second biggest name in the world of cryptocurrency has also leaped. Cryptocurrency is constantly evolving as a new name and is almost in its infant state.

Bitcoin previous high of around $8 billion in 2018 or the following year has marked a record high jump mare than 1300% breakthrough gain according to the transaction data compiled by Pitchbook Data Inc. This was due to the digital world coming into the mainstream during pandemic. The venture capital funds have invested $30 billion into Crypto or more as compared to the previous years when technology was not at the door steps.

Crypto mining has been legalized in Singapore . If a person is trading in digital tokens and deriving benefits then he/she is subject to income tax according to the IRAS’ e-Tax guide Income tax treatment of digital tokens published on 17th April 2020.

Bitcoin is a crypto currency and a worldwide payment system that functions without a central bank. It is decentralised. Bitcoin lacks control by a single entity. They completely rely on miners who give their confirmation for transaction. Miners access a special software and solve cryptographic puzzles.Their job is to do the transaction , validation and then spread the message across the system.A certain number of bitcoins are paid as an incentive for their work.

The transactions confirmed by you are put in a general ledger “Blockchain”. These contains all the transactions done between any bitcoin address.

You need to get a bitcoinmininghardware. The competitive bitcoin environment has led to the use of ASIC miners which are special kind of computer built specifically for mining bitcoins. One needs a bitcoin wallet just like the physical wallet in order to keep the bitcoins. You need to get a wallet address which is a long sequence of numbers and letters. In order to get more output , manpower needs to be doubled. Therefore getting connected to the mining pool would help render better output and increase the chances of being successful. A mining programme is needed to run the computer , control and monitor the mining rig.

This is a real craze gaining popularity worldwide and showcasing massive results in terms of revenue. At the introduction of bitcoin , a miner was initially rewarded with 25 bitcoins for confirming a block . This amount has been halved as the amount of bitcoins mined globally is progressively enhanced.

This “Halvening” event lastly took place on May 11th ,2020 with the reduction of Miners reward to 6.25 BTC. The next halvening is more likely to take place in 2024.

A total of only 21 billion bitcoins can ever be mined. The fascination with crypto currencies is growing leaps and bounds globally and people are getting invested for wonderful rewards.

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