Before you get everything rolling with Holi festivities, remember that counterfeit tones can hurt your hair and fix anything hair care progress you have made over the most recent couple of months.

In any case, that doesn’t mean you should cease from commending this pleasant celebration. As per Sanchi Sehgal, the author Ozone Signature, counterfeit tones can cause dryness, flakiness, disturbance, and dandruff which might prolongedly affect the general hair strength.

Pre-Holi tips

Before you venture out to celebrate, guarantee that your hair is all around safeguarded against all the harm. Sehgal proposes the accompanying tips:

  1. Wash your hair

Washing and molding your hair prior to going out to play Holi can assist with reestablishing the equilibrium of hair. Additionally, post Holi, eliminating shadings will turn out to be a lot more straightforward out of a generally perfect head as opposed to a filthy one.

  1. Oil your hair

After washing your hair, oiling your hair prior to going out to play is a decent method for safeguarding it. This will help in giving a layer between the tones and your hair by covering the fingernail skin so the shadings will not infiltrate inside your scalp. This is a significant stage to forestall harm and breakage. You can utilize coconut or almond oil.

  1. Cover your hair

Attempt to keep your hair covered with a scarf. Make a bun or a mesh, as this will diminish harm. You could wear a handkerchief to make your style smart while covering your mane to keep away from any hair shading harm.

Post-Holi tips

  1. Head wash

Prior to applying cleanser to your hair, make a point to tenderly wash it with water. You can try not to condition your hair as you can utilize a sustaining cover rather first to give added hydration. This will help in eliminating every one of the dry tones.

  1. Hair cover

After Holi, your hair could feel dry and undernourished. You can apply a conditioner and a hair veil. These will saturate your hair and help in keeping away from breakage. You might whip custom made veils with egg or yogurt to remove the shadings and sustain your hair normally.


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