Fashion and culture compliment each other. Fashion industry has seen a spike in its trend thereby contributing enormously in reshaping and recasting of an individual’s over-all personality. The world today is magnificently attracting the customers towards trendy brands prevalent in fashion. This inclination is growing profoundly in the new generations what so ever background an individual belongs to and is crazy to showcase oneself in trendy outfits.

The global fashion industry has seen a remarkable growth. Fashion has become globalized and is contributing profoundly in the global economy. Fashion is evolving at a very fast pace. The middle-east countries are protruding as a fashion hub which expertise the impact of western culture on the minds of the people.

The use of technology like internet , advertisements etc. are providing a great platform for interpretation of the fashion world.People are now getting prone to the latest and evergrowing fashion.The neckline competition of showcasing the best is prevalent among the people , which in turn are pestering them to renovate oneself for getting a reputed position in society and among peers.

The multi-national corporations are offering brands in wide range and quenching the thirst of the ever changingneeds of the people.They want to spend more on fashion which in turn is going to define them in this competitive world. This has led to the emergence of Global consumerism.The trending fashion globally has eradicated the border of culture and now culture is running free globally.

Fashion influences our lifestyle to the extent that it starts to define us .It is influenced by cultural transition such as modernization , technological innovation and art. The society and our culture plays a vital role in amplifying our fashionable lifestyle.

Macro and micro trends shapes the fashion industries. Macro trends cast a hold for 5 – 10 years whereas micro trends are divers for 1-3 years. The macro trend surpasses the micro trends in a way of being labelled as “evergreen” “ethical” and “environment friendly”. The skinny jeans and leggings exemplifies the micro trends which covers a micro group.

The future of global fashion Consumerism depends upon your priority and interpretation. Whether one is more immune to your own culture or gives way to popular culture. It purely depends on the country from which you ascend and your inclination toward fashion. In a country like India, vast difference is seen in the selection of fashion. Some are traditionally strong while some get acquainted and influenced by the fashions in trend and complimenting accessories.

Fashion industry is growing in terms of money with the passing time.  People are all the more ready to invest and transform oneself in terms of style showing variation the entire year. U.S apparel industry today is a $12 billion business. In 2025,the global clothing market project is expected to grow by $2.25 trillion dollars.

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