Pune (Maharashtra) [India]April 2 (ANI): 84 runs by Shubman Gil and 4 wickets by Loki Ferguson lead the Gujarat Titans to victory over the Delhi Capitals with 14 runs here at the Maharashtra Cricket Association Stadium.

The pursuit of 172 races for the Delhi Capitals target did not get a perfect start, as captain Hardick Panda fired Tim Seifert in the very first ball of his bowling game.

In the fourth over Loki Ferguson was put in attack, and pacer Kiwi struck twice, firing Prithie Shaw at 10 and Mandip Singh at 18 to leave Delhi staggering at 34/3.

Delhi needed a partnership, and Captain Ryshab Pant along with Lolita Yadava did just that, exceeding the overall mark of 50 runs in the seventh finish.

The Pant-Yadav pair secured a partnership for fifty races in just 34 goals. The partnership with 61 runs was broken when Lolita Yadav was finished at 25 to leave Delhi at 95/4.

Rauman Powell joined his captain, and Pant aggressively fought back to exceed Delhi’s total for the three-digit mark. Ferguson received his third goal of the match, receiving Panta’s valuable scalp for 43 of 29 goals. Meanwhile, Ferguson got his fourth goal, dismissing all-around Aksar Patel by 8 points, lagging behind goalkeeper Matthew Wade to leave Delhi in trouble with a score of 126/6.

In the next peak, Rashid Khan deflected Shardul Thakura’s leg in front of the goal by 2. In the 18th peak, Mohamed Shami returned to attack to strike two goals with two goals, first throwing Rauman Powell’s leg in front of the goal and then Khalil Ahmed for the golden duck caught by the goalkeeper. Wade cut Delhi down to 143/9.

Delhi managed to score 157/9 in 20 overs, falling short of 14 runs when Hardyk Panda, led by Gujarat Titans, recorded his second victory in two matches of the season.

Earlier in the day, Delhi Capitals captain Rishab Pant won the throw and put the Gujarat Titans in the bat. Pant justified his decision to play with Mustafizur Rahman, as the driver of the left hand waved off the starter Matthew Wade, who fell behind by 1 in the very first overt to give Delhi a perfect start.

Shubman Gill and station wagon Vijay Shankar have partnered, and the duo have brought the team’s overall score to 44 in six Powerplay overs.

After Powerplay, Pant introduced Kuldip Yadav to the attack, and the Chinese bowler rejected Shankar in his first goal.

Hardik Panda joined Gil to surpass Gujarat’s overall score of 50 in the seventh run. The two increased their partnership by 50 runs in just 38 goals, and Gil scored just 32 goals in half a century, while the Gujarat Titans managed to reach a three-digit mark of 13.1 overs.

The 65-run partnership was finally broken when Khalil Ahmed received the dangerous Panda goal for 31 of the 27 goals caught by Rauman Powell.

Gil continued to push the limits and sixes to overcome his highest individual score of 76 in the IPL.

Khalil Ahmed got his second wicket, brushing off the dangerous Gil for 84 of 46 goals scored in six fours and four sixes. Rahul Tewatiya joined David Miller in attack, and the duo surpassed the team’s overall score by 150 runs with 17.3 overs.

Mustafizur Rahman advanced to the cup in the final, and he first knocked out Tevati on 14 and then sent Abhinov Manohar for 1 and conceded just four runs to lead the Gujarat Titans to 171/6 in 20 overs.

Short results: Gujarat Titans 171/6 in 20 overs (Shubman Gil 84, Hardyk Panda 31; Mustafizur Rahman 3/23) against Delhi Capitals 157/9 in 20 overs (Ryshab Pant 43, Lolit Yadav / 48 Ferguson 28); . (ANI)

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