Nicholas Townsend, 24, from Ruapuke, near Raglan. Photo / Mike Scott

A police officer who drank in a pub while watching rugby believes he has become a target because he is a police officer.

The officer was at a Waikato pub last May when a man from Ruapuke, Nicholas Townsend, came in with his friends and sat down at his table.

By halfway through the match, the victim’s friends were gone, and the policeman decided to finish his beer and order a pizza to take home.

While away from the table, Townsend opened the capsule, which later discovered it was a class B drug, oxycodone, and poured it into a beer bottle.

The victim then poured beer into someone else’s glasses before drinking it himself.

Another man, who drank spoiled beer, fell asleep in a pub.

At the call of the police, Townsend admitted that he put the drug in a bottle of beer because this man annoys him, according to court documents.

Oxycodene is a controlled class B drug and a moderate and strong painkiller that is not intended for use with alcohol.

Townsend just a few days earlier pleaded guilty to driving the car he was sentenced to in July by Judge Philip Creighton.

Nicholas Philip Townsend is on trial in Hamilton County Court during sentencing for counting a police drink with oxycodone in a pub.  Photo / Mike Scott
Nicholas Philip Townsend is on trial in Hamilton County Court during sentencing for counting a police drink with oxycodone in a pub. Photo / Mike Scott

Judge Creighton sentenced him to heightened supervision and judicial oversight when a judge receives reports of the offender’s progress every three months.

Townsend was sentenced on a recent charge before Judge Creighton, where he discussed with a police prosecutor that the summary of the facts shows that there was no “substantiated evidence that the victim was the target.”

“It doesn’t mean he’s less of a victim or something that was done, but it does mean that there seems to be no reason because [victim] was a target for his role in society. “

Judge Creighton said that at the time of the offense, Townsend had just turned 24, and he had in fact “for various reasons got out of control around this time.”

“He behaved and made a choice that was extremely reckless, which led to the first series of car-related offenses … and is clearly at the heart of what happened here.”

Judge Creighton said Townsend was lucky that he underwent intensive supervision and came out with “great maturity.”

He found Townsend guilty and sentenced him to 200 hours of community service and ordered to pay $ 1,000 in compensation to the victim.

“I think I was targeted because I’m a cop”

Reading in court his statement about the attack on the victim, the policeman explained how in connection with what happened, he now works in another city, having spent more than ten years there.

“Although I did not suffer any physical injuries as a result of this incident, the effects of the night caused me anxiety, fear in public and extreme caution.”

Financial costs continued to rise, and in the foreseeable future “no end in sight”.

On the day of the incident, he said he knew most of Townsend’s friends, except Townsend, who introduced himself to him.

A few days later he learned that his drink had been counterfeit.

“This drug was oxycodone. This incident has had a huge impact on me and I am now seeking help.

“My anxiety is high, and … this is the first time someone has really harmed me when I was off duty.

“I was threatened with killing while working, as well as being attacked, often resulting in minor injuries, and in many cases people dealing with people at work came to my residence and were verbally abused.

“I am firmly convinced that the incident that night … happened solely because of my role as a police officer.

“I hadn’t met or communicated with this man until that night, but my booze was the only one targeted, and there were a lot of other people at the bar at the time.”

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