THIS McDonald’s employee has revealed to customers some of the secrets of the fast food chain, leaving people worried about their previous trips to the Golden Arches.

User TikTok @ charlton.a has revealed the truth behind travel orders, forcing customers to question their seemingly private visits.


It seems like walking at McDonald’s isn’t as private as you thinkCredit: Getty
TikToker @ charlton.a revealed a triad of secrets that pushed customers


TikToker @ charlton.a revealed a triad of secrets that pushed customers

His show video explained that Maccy D workers can hear “everything you say” – even if their microphone is off and before anyone approaches the counter.

In the clip Charlton is seen in his working form and offers a unique perspective of fast ordering service.

To make the system as fast as possible, an employee of the popular hamburger chain showed that in the aisle window there are CAMERAS that take pictures of everyone when they fit.

Customers have magshot-style photos that are taken while driving, so employees know to whom and what orders to pass.

TikToker’s latest confession was that its McDonald’s restaurant in New Zealand sells recipe books, allowing fast food fanatics to recover food from their own homes.

His triad of truth made eaters panic because of what conversations they could have in the comfort of their cars or what might have been captured by cameras.

Charlton said in a comment that “we can also hear all the passengers in the car.”

His explosive video caused a stir on the social media platform as users quickly shared their concerns in the comments.

“I feel sorry for McDonald’s!” wrote one.

“Well, I guess they hear every time we argue what to take and hurry,” joked another.

A third wrote, “Really wait ?! I said things no one is allowed to know about!”

“The next time I drive a Maccas Drive-thru, I use a voice change and poke my nose into the camera,” one prankster said.

Other McDonald’s employees also joined the debate, confirming Charlton’s allegations and suggesting the network would see “100 percent sales growth” of the mysterious recipe books.

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But not everyone was so sure – as one Maccy D employee wrote: “Now I will have people in the store asking for recipe books, and we don’t have them!”

Another employees had previously shared secrets because of travelwith Katie Clark, who calls people’s dirty habits before they season their food.

In a similar video TikTok she said about secret camera“Maybe don’t poke your nose when you order. Because we see it and judge you.”

It is unknown whether all McDonald’s stores around the world have the same transition process.

For McDonald’s other tricks, one man showed how to get a Big Mac for only half the price.

In other food hacks, one experienced mom revealed her secret to cooking perfectly liquid eggs – without the use of a microwave or stove.

To prolong the life of your bread, one woman showed a nimble trick that requires no clamp.

A McDonald’s employee shares the fact of travel that blows people up (and makes them very embarrassed)

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