Baby Rescue: It is normal for pregnant women to get wax

The hospital with Covid has “too many” unvaccinated expectant mothers.

The comment comes from New Zealand researchers Leah Poynton, Anna Howe, Matthew Hobbes, Janine Painter, Natalie Gold, Nicki Turner and Esther Willing, who are studying the vaccination coverage of pregnant New Zealand women.

Pregnant women can still get wax: they talk about saving their lives and saving the baby.

There are no safety concerns when vaccinated during pregnancy.

In fact, the opposite is true: pregnancy puts women at greater risk of disease, making vaccination even more important for both mother and baby. Immunization Advisory Center (IMAC).

Research results

A New Zealand IMAC study on vaccination coverage of pregnant women in New Zealand found that between 2013 and 2018, maternal vaccination coverage increased against pertussis and influenza; coverage remains suboptimal, and existing ethnic and deprivation inequalities have increased.

There is an urgent need to focus on justice, as well as to involve and support ethnic communities by creating truly accessible, culturally appropriate health services.

Physical access to a therapist has little effect on increasing maternal coverage. And this despite the fact that therapists are almost exclusive providers of pertussis vaccinations for mothers and leading providers of maternal flu vaccination.

Using the new solutions of the Covid-19 vaccination program to vaccinate hard-to-reach populations can help a more sensitive, equitable maternal vaccination service.

There is evidence of suboptimal maternal vaccination coverage in pregnant New Zealand women and an increase in inequality over time.

More information on the nationwide retrospective cohort study was released this month in vaccine Vaccination Journal Elsevier.


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