Metaverse can indeed be said as an immersive 3D virtual world where people can communicate, collaborate and interact with all of the things within it. It is altogether a next evolution of social connection. This technology comes with a vision of bringing the virtual world to life through augmented reality.

All that was earlier thought to be only possible in science fiction where people interact with each other on the internet, can now be achieved through this immersive 3D virtual world called metaverse. Metaverse can be facilitated by virtual reality technology which will replace the current technology that is phone. Brain implants or devices that stimulate your senses may be used to stimulate real life sensations too.

This will be complimented by a collection of virtual world that can be visited as early as any app on your phone or even stretched into the real world with the help of augmented reality. Metaverse is essentially a huge interconnected network of virtual spaces where we will be able to move from one virtual world to another world in the metaverse by wearing virtual reality goggles or maybe augmented reality. People may have already experienced early versions of the metaverse though, through video games or through social media.

But as time goes on, access into these alternate world will become more seamless and likely more vibrant in the world we kindly live in. With the help of technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality and superimposition of a computer-generated image on a user’s view of the real world play a significant role in bringing the metaverse to life. In metaverse, real people interact as cartoon-like characters called avatars similar to multiplayer video games. Immersive world and these cartoon like avatars is nothing new as games like Minecraft and Grand Theft Auto have already created these virtual universes but metaverse aims to go beyond this and create virtual workspaces, homes, museums, places and many more for all ages.

The new metaverse is something that is not only includes gaming but is also designed to support any kind of social interactions like business meetings or social gatherings, music concerts, fashion shows, carnival, hanging out with friends etc. The excitement around the concept of metaverse is rapidly growing and people are starting to shift away from physical to virtual world day by day.

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