Christchurch [New Zealand]March 25 (ANI): New Zealand captain Sophie Devine wants her team to finish strongly against Pakistan in front of a home crowd at the 2022 ICC Women’s World Cricket Championships on Saturday.

The hosts are currently in sixth place with four points, and Bangladesh will need big wins against England and South Africa against India, as well as one against Pakistan to reduce qualifying to net running speed to have any chance of reaching the knockout stages.

“I think we have to be realistic. I don’t know the exact numbers, but we know it’s probably our last game and that’s how we want to play it. Bob. [Carter, head coach] Today in training I mentioned that tomorrow will be our final, obviously this is not the final in which we thought we would play, “said Sophie Devine.

“But we still have so much passion and pride that we want to make sure we go outside tomorrow and really play a show that we are definitely proud of, but also all our friends and family and the rest of New Zealand hopefully Yesterday, she told me that she doesn’t have a great track record in the New Zealand side games here in Hegley. [Oval]Said Devine.

Leo Tahuhu will miss the match against Pakistan at home, but the Christchurch native will cheer from the bench.

“She limped a few years ago due to another hamstring injury, so I think she’s ever finished two games out of four, so maybe that’s a good sign that she’s not working in that game. But we certainly know , I will think she is fantastic with the ball in this competition and we will certainly miss her leading this attack. But she will support from the side. She is certainly very hopeful that we have there will be a full crowd to support the White Fern, ”she added.

On Saturday in Christchurch “White Ferns” will meet Pakistan in the first game with 100 percent attendance. (ANI)

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