Two teenagers were injured during a party at Remuera on April 14. Photo / Hayden Woodward

It is believed that the talented young rugby player from the best private school received three stab wounds at a party at the end of his term in Remuera.

The father of the 15-year-old says the son did not know his attacker. It appears to have been an “accidental act of violence” and his son forgave the attacker.

The Sunday Herald may disclose more information about the events of April 14 at Arney Cres.

The father said his son, whose name cannot be named for legal reasons, was discharged from the hospital last week and is recovering at home, but he will have to watch his teammates from the sidelines until he fully recovers.

The quarrel took place at a meeting at another student’s house on the Thursday before Easter after the end of the first semester.

The teenager is believed to have attacked the boy and his friend, both 11 years old. The couple were taken to hospital with serious injuries, but both are now at home, recovering. Emergency services rushed to Remuer’s house after a report of the attack was received around 10:30 p.m.

The mother, who hosted the party, declined to comment when approached Sunday Herald. The witness said friends of the injured couple treated their wounds while they waited for immediate help.

“My son forgave the boy, but he obviously has problems,” said the father of one of the boys.

“It’s just a sad situation, he got three stab wounds, and [a friend] got stab wounds once, the injuries were horrible. We pretty quickly found out what happened, it’s social media these days. But now we are only focused on his rehabilitation. “

Police detained two people, one of whom was charged with grievous bodily harm. The accused teenager will reappear in Auckland Youth Court on May 16. The second was released without charge.

The injured boys did not know the teenager who allegedly stabbed them. The Sunday Herald understands that he previously studied at another school.

One neighbor said she was awakened by six police officers at the gate who were looking for the alleged perpetrator.

“Around 11pm I was awakened by a buzz in the intercom and the police told me there was a serious attack. I saw a guy in our garden hiding in the garden. He did not hold a knife or anything, but the police arrested him. I was disoriented and did not know what was happening. “

The father said he considered the attack “accidental”.

“It was one of those things you never expect, at least not with you. It was an accidental act of violence involving two bad children. The question is, why would a child carry a knife to a party? It’s so sad.”

He had nothing to say to the teenager who attacked his son and said he had no contact with his parents.

“I haven’t heard from either parent, but everyone has their own standards. If it was me, I probably would have contacted them, but everyone is different, isn’t it? But it’s a difficult thing, isn’t it? I can’t speak for others ”.

Two principals of his son’s school and the second boy’s former school did not answer calls and questions from Sunday Herald. But the father is touched by the support he has received from his son’s school and the general public.

“We’ve been in daily contact with a variety of people, including the principal, the consultant … and just as much public support with food delivery over three weeks. So it’s not just the school community, but past school teachers as well as Public School.”

The father hopes that the son will soon get back on his feet and return to school. His son is an experienced athlete and rugby player and will be watching from the sidelines when the first XV private school meets another school. He said that although his son would not act for the next two months, the alleged stab wound did not stop him from wanting to play rugby when he recovers.

He also hopes that there will be no retribution from any school in the future.

“I think the two principals are talking, and I’m sure at his school they’re making sure it doesn’t happen. For us, we’re just focusing on making it better.”

The father said he was very proud of his son and what he went through.

“He is a sweet child, he has a good heart, he speaks fluently on Te Reo Māori and is good at sports – he has a balanced outlook on life.”

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