Community support helps to break the life of a homeless person. It only took one person to call and help came from all sides.

The name of Richard’s former rough dream (pictured with some fans, including Nick Smith – right). Until recently, Richard lived in a tent on the outskirts of Nelson.

His life turned upside down a couple of months ago when Smith found him in the rain hiding near his office. When he learned that Richard was homeless, he knocked on the door.

He didn’t stop until he found a hotel where Richard could stay.

It’s great, but you need to get used to the “normal” life, says the former coarse sleep.

“When I lived in the woods, I had no contact with people. It was hard for me to be with people after spending so much time alone. ”

But, with the community behind him, the 71-year-old adheres to it, one day after another.

Smith is still looking for Richard too.

Once he found where to live, Smith launched the Givealittle page.

The news media website picked up on Richard’s story. Donations and offers of help poured in.

One reader offered to pay for his hearing aids and dentures. Another sent him a spare pair of hearing aids. Others sent postcards and clothes.

Smith found that people want to help. He called and people opened their hearts.

The story came to Kiwi Journeys director Andrew Schwas. He organized a new electronic bike for Richard at a price through Electrify NZ.

The bike will be used constantly as Richard walks and bikes everywhere. This includes a 7.5-mile drive between Nelson and Richmond.

“It’s good to help someone,” says Schwas.

Dentist Justin Kabir suggested Richard fix his teeth. He will do as much as possible for free.

“There’s an element of community return, but dentists are also health professionals,” Kabir says. “When you leave dental school, your goal is to help people. It’s nice to be able to do this for Richard. “

Richard is grateful for everything, although the last few weeks have been a bit stressful, he says.

“I have always been self-sufficient and have always been shy and quiet. A couple of times it was too much and I wanted to run away. “

Although he likes the comfort and stability of the motel room. When he starts to feel stressed, he rides a bike or walks.

Richard is optimistic about the coming months. He and Smith are looking to rent a property where he can settle. He then plans to pursue a hobby and possibly return to gardening.

“I want things to get better, to go out a little bit and meet people.”

His biggest dream is to go to Wellington for the World of Wearable Art exhibition.

“I’d love to see the show, and I’ve never been to Wellington,” says Richard.


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