The Sisters of Compassion have a new co-ruler

Deacon Danny Carateo-Goddard became the new co-chair of the Sisters of Compassion.

The appointment of Karateo-Goddard was made by the Maori-Tumu Vacara of the Sisters of Compassion, a religious order founded by Mary Hohep’s mother Suzana Ober.

He will join Dr. Chris Golovin, who was appointed co-chair in March last year.

Carateo-Godard was an advisor to the Maori at the Conference of Catholic Bishops of New Zealand and a vicar for the Maori in the Catholic Archdiocese of Wellington.

The announcement of the conference on the appointment of Karateo-Goddard was made in Te-rea and English.

Sister Margaret Ann Mills of the Sisters of Compassion says the appointment is based on the bicultural work of Mary Hohepa Susan Aubert of Maori, especially in Jerusalem on the Wanganui River in the 1880s.

“Our multicultural reality will only become real and successful only if we understand our bicultural basis. We believe that the work of Mary Hohepa Susan Aubert is crucial in our path to a genuine partnership at Aatearoa New Zealand. It is an expression of our commitment to Te Tiriti o Waitangi, ”says Sister Margaret Ann.

For Karateo-Goddard, the new assignment strikes a personal.

“A number of my aunts, my children and I were recipients of the Mary Hohep mission of Susan Aubert.

“Serving the Sisters of Mercy Whānau is a privilege, and I am excited to join them as we explore the deepening of our commitment to biculturalism as we move into a new future in these uncertain times,” he says.

Pōwhiri to welcome Karateo-Gaddar in his new role will be held on Monday, May 23, at Hiruharam in Jerusalem.


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