IT’S a horrible moment when a great white shark attacks a film crew’s boat and tries to pull them underwater.

The crew was trying to capture an elusive megatraper when they were attacked by a group of ferocious sharks.


The shark tried to break the cord that connects the boat to the larger boatCredit: youtube
Then an enraged beast tried to pull the boat under the water


Then an enraged beast tried to pull the boat under the waterCredit: YouTube

Wanting to see the foraging sites of mega-sharks near Stewart Island, New Zealand, the men tried to tie the camera to a shark fin that they lured.

But their excitement soon turned to panic when a hungry beast rushed at them dirty and then at the rope that connected them to the larger ship, taking three blows to gnaw through it.

The beast then pulls the boat before diving into the ocean with a cord in its jaws.

The giant predator eventually releases and seems to be affected in just a few minutes.

When cameraman Andy Casagrande explains what just happened, someone shouts, “Andy! Andy! Andy!” and points to a shark floating nearby.

The beast circles under the boat before attacking the buoy attached to the raft, sending the crew into a panic.

“Holy devil!” Shouts one of them.

“Under the boat, rushing under the boat,” says another man on board.

The second shark joins, and both begin to accidentally bury themselves in the boat.

“I don’t think it’s such a brilliant idea, you know,” a voice is heard. “I don’t think we can have a boat there. I really can’t.”

But luckily the sharks eventually give up and the crew escapes intact.

According to shark activists, the predators might have thought the film crew had food.

They said sharks are becoming more comfortable near boats due to diving into the cage Alphabet news.


The horrible shot comes as a Brit lost his leg in a great white shark attack in South Africa.

Michael Cohen, 43, was shot while being treated by medical personnel at Fish Hook Beach, just minutes after an 11-foot beast tried to kill him.

Doctors at the scene confirmed that he needed seven liters of blood, as he was quickly taken to a nearby hospital after the 2011 attack.

His doctor, Professor Nicole, confirmed that the man had suffered an almost fatal injury – a ruptured femoral artery and vein.

As a result of his injuries, he tragically lost his right leg and part of his left foot and remains in serious condition.

Two people were attacked by sharks in Florida last month.

15-year-old Lucas Cruz lost 70 percent of the blood in his body and legs had to be recovered when he was attacked near Florida Keys.

Another shark joins the feeding


Another shark joins the feedingCredit: Youtube
Andy Casagrande was one of the film crew on board


Andy Casagrande was one of the film crew on boardCredit: Youtube
The attack took place near Stewart Island in New Zealand


The attack took place near Stewart Island in New Zealand

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