one of Scotland’s largest and oldest clans is preparing to reunite for the inauguration of the first Buchanan clan leader in more than 340 years.

In October, John Michael Bailey-Hamilton Buchanan is set to become the first clan leader since the last inauguration ceremony, which took place in the 17th century.

And before the ceremony, the Buchanan clan invites clan people, related families and fans to gather for a historic event at its modern clan location, the Cambusmore Estate in Perthshire.

One of Scotland’s largest and oldest clans is preparing to reunite for the inauguration of the first Buchanan clan leader in more than 340 years (Clan Buchanan)

Clan leader Buchanan said: “For centuries our ancient clan has been left without a leader or clan parliament, but this year we are finally meeting in Scotland.

“This is a chance to restore Scottish traditions that have been preserved in history textbooks for hundreds of years, bringing them back with a completely modern twist.”

The last leader of the Buchanan clan was John Buchanan, who died in 1681, leaving no male heir.

Buchanan’s appointment to lead the clan came after decades of research by Hugh Pesquet, a late genealogist who traced the Irish origins of President Ronald Reagan in the 1980s.

His inauguration on October 8 as part of weekend activities will include millennial clan rituals and a stone throne carved by master craftsmen.

The clan’s new values ​​have also been reconstructed after years of research. These include Lenny’s ancestral sword, a white rod symbolizing clan justice, and a jackal-shaped dabha, a small knife traditionally worn with a kilt.

And with a world community of more than five million members, the leader will head the clan’s first parliament in more than 350 years to explore the future of the Buchanan clan and discuss how its traditions can be celebrated today.

While the Buchanan clan in Scotland dates back to 1010, its members include people from Britain, USA, CanadaAustralia, New Zealand and many others.

And there are 120 family names recognized as part of the clan, including Watson, MorrisRichardson, Coleman, Gilbert, Walter and Harper.

Nowadays they are known as affiliated families, but were formerly known as clan septa.

They are represented by the Buchanan Society, the world’s oldest clan society, which was established in 1725 to support clan members in times of difficulty, and the world community.

David ByrneThe president of the International Buchanan Clan Society said: We look forward to the inauguration of our new leader, which will demonstrate to the world that the Buchanan clan is still a vital and prosperous family with a common history.

“What has been most encouraging for clans scattered around the world is the modern approach of a leader who preserves our heritage and traditions. We used this as an opportunity to restore pride in the history of the Buchanan clan along with a new sense of purpose as we look to the future. ”

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