It is reported that an unknown German earned a profit from the sale of vaccine passports, sometimes receiving up to three vaccinations a day

An unidentified 61-year-old man received at least 87 shots from Covid-19 in the eastern German state of Saxony, the Freie Presse newspaper reported on Friday. It is estimated that he sometimes took as many as three doses in one day. The German Red Cross has indicted the man on suspicion of selling vaccine passports, according to the publication.

German authorities are investigating the man after complaints from the Red Cross office in Saxony, the group’s spokesman Kai Kranic told Freie Presse. The suspicion is that the German reportedly used new blank vaccination cards at each visit with his real last name and then altered it by deleting the injection information before selling them.

Kranic told the newspaper that the man was notified about vaccinations in the German state after one of the officers recognized him in Dresden. Apparently, this led to his detention at another vaccination center in the city of Eilenburg, outside Leipzig.

The man reportedly almost never presented his insurance card, which would potentially have allowed authorities to detect him earlier.

“The National Vaccine Register or the Coronavirus Vaccine Register would immediately shed light on the case,” said Knut Kohler, a spokesman for the Saxony State Medical Association. Free press.

It is suspected that the man may also have received Covid-19 injections in other German states. It is reported that his first vaccination took place last summer.

The German Ministry of Social Affairs told the newspaper on Friday that it was unaware of the case.

Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent restrictions, several vaccine “mules” have been caught on vaccinations on behalf of others. In December last year, a New Zealand resident was investigated for allegedly receiving up to 10 vaccinations in one day on behalf of paying customers who did not want to be vaccinated.


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