The man who wrote the meditations on this verse from Scripture knew meditation. The reasoning sounds like this: be calm and know that I am God. Stay calm and know who I am. Be calm and know. Be still. Be. Read on

Pope Francis deserves our admiration, prayers and support for his tireless efforts to promote peace and goodwill between nations, peoples and religions, and for constantly reminding us that everyone in the universe is interconnected. His intense propaganda for Read on

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As Lent is nearing its culmination in the celebration of Easter, we can reconsider the energy of Ash Wednesday and resume our renewal for this last week. This process of change in our lives, new perspective, repentance, Read on

Being brought up among ancient biblical myths meant living in a world that combines the material, the spiritual, and the imaginary. Saturated with poetic metaphor, these stories stimulated the imagination and moral consciousness of the Jewish people by thousands Read on

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