A vile thug who locked the boy in a car without food for several days and beat him up when he tried to escape was imprisoned.

40-year-old Ricky Ross Cake from New Zealand was sentenced today in Christchurch District Court to 13 years in prison.


Ricky Ross Kake was sentenced to 13 years in prison on a number of chargesCredit: Alamy

He pleaded guilty to 28 offenses, including assault, kidnapping, intentional bodily harm, strangulation and sexual intercourse with a young man under the age of 16.

He also confessed to sexually abusing a young man under the age of 12, attempted rape, sexual assault through illegal sex and threatening to kill.

Cake blamed the nine-year-old boy for “any minor thing that happened” and manipulated the boy, telling him he was not allowed to talk to others.

The monster regularly put the child in the car as a “punishment” if he was disappointed.

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On one occasion he ordered a boy to spend the day in a car without food and attacked him when Cake saw him trying to sneak into the bathroom.

The boy later weakened and fell after four days and nights without food in the car.

In another example of his horrific behavior, Cake repeatedly punched and kicked one of his victims in the jaw, “causing [the boy] to feel a headache to such an extent that he could scarcely fall asleep ”.

Three of his six victims testified in court, recalling the “horror” that Cake brought into their lives.

In a statement about the attack on the victim, one said: “The scars you gave me do not bother me, it is emotional damage that will continue.”

They claimed that Cake’s traumatic behavior had lasted for years, and said they had developed problems of trust and anger as well as anxiety.

Crown Attorney Pip Curry received 24 years in prison with another year above the previous violent crime that Cake committed on bail. Stuffing reported.

Defense attorney Serena Bailey said her client repented and was “very ashamed.”

She asked the court to consider the rehabilitation efforts he has made and his chances of reintegrating back into the community if he spends a long time behind bars.

Cake spoke briefly in court, saying, “I’m sorry, I’ll live with this for the rest of my life.”

Judge Brian Callaghan found it undisputed that Keke’s crime caused significant emotional and psychological damage.

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