The LATA winner has won a jackpot of £ 22 million, but may not yet know as the game’s website fails as more and more entrants check tickets.

If the MyLotto program and the New Zealand Lotto website do not work, concerned players will have to wait up to 12 hours.


It is believed that the lucky man bought a ticket at the Countdown supermarketCredit: Zero Fire

The message on the website reads: “We are currently having problems with players trying to top up, we are working as fast as we can to try to fix this.

“Sorry for the inconvenience.”

The winning ticket was sold at the Countdown supermarket in Pokeno, a city of 3,320 people.

This was announced by store manager Jatinder Chahal said the local community is “buzzing”

She said: “We are not yet sure which member of the team sold the winning ticket, but everyone wants to be so lucky – maybe they hope that luck will disappear.”

Local resident Lucel VanBoxel said there were many rumors that the winner was a man in his 20s.

She said: “It would be good for the young man to win that money, especially with housing prices these days.”

But more than 60,000 people failed to check their tickets.

Lotto NZ has posted a statement on social media apologizing for the fact that some players may have encountered problems.

Customers who tried to top up the account but without success would have their funds returned to their bank account, Lotto said.

A statement from the lottery said: “For players trying to log in to check their tickets tonight, MyLotto is still very busy and we encourage you to try again tomorrow.

“We will continue to update you as we learn more.”

But the players were not impressed.

One person on the Lotto Facebook page said: “Never in the past have there been such delays / delays / queues when trying to check online tickets.

“Maybe it’s because with such a big prize checking out a lot more, but if you’re going to promote your purchases online, you need resources (server speed or other technical thing) to deliver.”

The winning numbers were 2, 3, 4, 7, 19, 31.

The naughty cousins ​​told their friends that one of them won the jackpot in the lottery and then snatched thousands on a 13-hour vine.

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