TIKTOKER recorded a moment when a woman was allegedly caught stealing packages outside the home.

The footage shows the suspected thief saying, “I handed them over to you,” but some parcels are already in her bag.


The woman was allegedly caught stealing packages from the couple’s houseCredit: TikTok
The couple was christened an alleged thief "Karen"


The couple christened the alleged thief “Karen”Credit: TikTok

A clip that was posted on TikTokwas taken in Auckland, New Zealand a couple who collided with a woman after she was allegedly caught hot.

Hear how the duo, who called the alleged thief “Karen”, asks her to put the packages on the ground.

The woman, wearing a black mask, is visibly annoyed and replies, “I’m telling you, what’s the problem?”

The couple then tells her that they will hand over the footage to the police so that the woman can start throwing things at them.

When asked about the package she put in her bag, she answers “okay” before reluctantly returning it.

The short clip ends with the woman swearing at the couple and giving them a finger before leaving.

TikTok users were shocked by the attitude towards women.

One commented: “Report it to the police … such people have no empathy.”

Another said: “Cheek give her an attitude after she was caught with a hot.”

Last month, Mom got tired of thieves stealing her parcels went to great lengths to avenge them.

TikToker Destiny Marin revealed how her mom pooped in an Amazon box and left her on the doorstep next to a note that read, “Eat shit.”

Surveillance footage shows a man in a baseball cap taking a parcel and putting it in a bag.

The woman is reluctant to hand over the parcels


The woman is reluctant to hand over the parcelsCredit: TikTok
A hilarious moment that a cunning customer asked an Amazon driver to “hide packages from her husband”.

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