Pope Francis is reorganizing the Vatican Curia – church administrators and its top staff – and may name new cardinals in June. Francis ’new Apostolic Constitution“ Praedicate Evangelium ”(“ Preach the Gospel ”), issued last month, notes that the leaders Read on

Despite his advanced age and questionable health, Pope Francis continues a busy schedule of activities that seems to be getting even busier. The last few weeks have certainly been very disappointing for Pope Francis. Above all, its tireless and eternal Read on

education of girls
If girls ’education makes society stronger, more peaceful and prosperous, then with the coronavirus pandemic, Asia’s chances of achieving these goals have become more remote. Prior to the pandemic, the number of girls in school had improved significantly in Asia. Read on

Long Kovid
Many patients recover from COVID within a week or two, but at least one in five experiences prolonged Covid; persistent or new symptoms more than four weeks after the first diagnosis. Prolonged COVID is a growing concern. But we still Read on

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