On Tuesday and Wednesday, former Cyclone Philly will head to the eastern parts of the North Island.

MetService said the former cyclone lies over open water bodies south of New Caledonia and is expected to move slowly over the weekend.

The following week he was to head towards New Zealand and pass through the North Island on Tuesday and Wednesday.

“There is a lot of uncertainty with the intensity and position of the minimum when it moves towards New Zealand,” MetService said this morning.

Meteorologists are closely monitoring the situation, and closer to the event may be issued observations of severe weather or warnings.

The WeatherWatch said the former cyclone could cause a storm, bringing severe storms and possibly heavy rains over 100mm or 150mm in some localized areas on Tuesday and Wednesday.

The minimum will move quickly over the North Island, and wind and rain will change throughout its passage, meaning there may be quite a bit of rain in some areas and more in others nearby, WeatherWatch said.

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