Young people took food and money from the box of honesty in Musgel, leaving nothing but insults. Video / Pat Wright

A resident of Masgel is horrified by the brazen theft of honey from the community box by a group of “wild” youth.

Pat Wright of Mosgiel, who runs the honey kiosk, could not help but describe the group.

“They steal cars, they steal from everyone, they harass, they abuse, and the cops do that,” she said.

When she returned from work as a senior educator on Thursday, she found that $ 61 was missing from a kiosk near her Mosgil property.

When she looked back at the CCTV footage, she found that at 9.30 the kiosk was visited by six young people.

The video shows the three stopping to help her with honey.

One could hear one honey thief swearing about the wisdom of putting lavender in honey before making an insulting hand gesture to the cell and leaving.

After Wright posted about the incident on Facebook, her phone “went crazy” from supporting her and mocking the thieves.

Information was received about other alleged offenses committed by young people, and one of those who got on camera was stuck in the comments, admitting that they were at the scene, but denying involvement in the theft of honey.

While Wright believed that the detractors could eat some honey, the broken honeycombs were found nearby in Air St.

Wright was worried that nothing was stopping the thieves from coming back and destroying the stall.

She described them as “just wild” and had a hard time figuring out who would steal the honey, knowing they were on camera.

She wanted parents to pay for the missing honey and take responsibility for their children.

“I have their full courage, and [other] people too ”.

Senior Sergeant Anthony Bond of Dunedin said police had known the identities of everyone depicted in the honey theft video.

He said the two have already been interviewed and will be sent to youth care.

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