Jonathan Davis broke away from his post-match press conference, but on Monday Wales may remain even more annoyed if they learn about the true extent of Alun Wynn Jones’ shoulder injury.

Central Davis replaced goalkeeper Jones by asking questions during the investigation their record 54-16 home fall international teams by All Blacks has begun.


Jonathan Davis broke away from his post-match press conferenceCredit: Rex

But the strict Davis was enough in just one minute and 15 seconds.

It was half the time it took the centurion, half Boden Barrett, to kill the first of New Zealand’s seven attempts when they destroyed champions Wayne Peacock’s “Six Nations”.

Davies & Co could remain even more annoying if the second row and mascot Jones gets shoulder scan results later.

Jones, who celebrated breaking Richie McCow’s record in 148 matches in one country, took just 21 days to complete the Lions ’miraculous recovery from a dislocation of the same left shoulder this summer.

Although his chances of reuniting with world champion South Africa on Saturday are in balance, despite the optimism of boss Pivak.

Wales is also sweating half of Dan Bigard and will be without Ross Mariarty, who seemed to have completely dislocated one of his shoulders during the humiliation of Kiwi.

Grumpy Davis said, “We’ve worked very hard to try to get a result, and if you don’t get it, it really hurts.

“But we have another opportunity next week to fix our grievances. And that’s what this group wants to show next week.

“You need to get out properly and not put pressure on yourself.

“As South Africa plays, they want to put pressure on you, and it’s important for us to make sure we build and play in the right areas of the field.”

Unlike the two-time World Player of the Year and All Blacks, Half Barrett, as well as a number of Kiwi stars, sat down to talk about how Cardiff welcomed fans for the first time since February 2020.

Scoring one goal in each half in his 100th match of the match, the 30-year-old added: “Dad got a Guinness barrel and they got ham.

“My whole family went and watched the game, so it’s a special time.

“I thought a lot. I just wanted to play well and enjoy this moment because it was such a cool place to play my hundredth.

“It was a very emotional week because of the support and love that flowed into my inbox from those who have been there since day one.”

Welsh head coach Wayne Pivack discusses the impact of injured and absent players on the New Zealand clash

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