It is a common trait of many of the students tend to look down upon home science as an undesired course, it is however, now high time to give it its due honour. For the uninitiated, it may sound like, a science that is concerned with homemaking and household responsibilities. It is, in real sense, much more than that simplistic description.

The study of how to create family life in a changing society using scientific information and methodologies is essentially what Home Science is all about.

Home Science studies can lead to employment in both the public and private sectors. This sector has received enormous prominence in India and worldwide, with opportunities ranging from state government jobs to employment in numerous industries as a culinary expert.

There are numerous work prospects in this industry. Teaching, the food sector, the Health Care Department, and non-governmental organisations are all options. Because individuals are becoming more conscious of the need of living a healthy lifestyle, taking a Home Science degree can benefit not just on a professional level, but also in one’s personal life.

It has five streams:

  • Food and Nutrition
  • Resource Management
  • Human Development
  • Fabric and Apparel Science
  • Communication and Extension

Career options with a home science degree

A degree in Home Science qualifies the student to choose from a wide assortment of work options because the course is prearranged in such a manner that it equips the student with a general idea of the streams.

Students who are unsure whether a B.Sc. in Home Science is a smart career choice should know that a degree in Family and Community Science or Home Science opens up a wide range of job options. You can work in a variety of fields with a degree in Family and Community Science.

A student with a Home Science degree can also work as a research analyst or nutrition consultant on their own. Non-governmental organisations and educational institutions are the most common places for home science graduates to find work.

If you have an expertise in Food and Nutrition branch of home science, you may find work as: dietitians in hospitals, counselors in nutrition, planners of nutrition programmes in development agencies, government initiatives, and international organizations, in food industry for research and development and as managers of institutional food.

Students who have an expertise in development communication & extension may find work in:  capacity building and training , in organizations such as the United Nations, bilateral agreements, and international organizations, in government-sponsored development initiatives, in corporate social responsibility initiatives. They may have opportunities in lectureships and teaching in schools, colleges, and universities.

On having specialization in Apparel Science may, one may find the following work opportunities in: academics as teachers and educators in schools, universities, and other vocational training institutions, in technology and design application research projects, textiles and garment design. They can get a job in testing laboratories for textiles, as merchandisers, as production in-charges, as sampling coordinators, and quality controllers in the fashion industry.


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