What illnesses are currently making Kiwis sick?


As the colder months settle in, doctors are noticing a rise in the typical winter illnesses, prompting health officials to advise early preparation to avoid overwhelming the healthcare system during peak cold and flu season. With a myriad of ailments prevalent during winter, many with overlapping symptoms, it's essential to understand what's circulating and how to manage them effectively. Influenza The flu...

What’s Behind the Current Surge in Illnesses? A Deep Dive into Cold, Flu, and COVID Season


There has been a notable uptick in cold and flu cases recently, alongside the continued presence of Covid-19 throughout the summer months, with expectations of a surge as winter approaches, according to experts. General Practice New Zealand chairman and Porirua GP, Bryan Betty, observed the rise in respiratory illnesses, typically associated with colder weather. He noted an increase in cases...