A young man, just about to celebrate his 21st birthday, was caught up in a huge fight in Gisborne. Sadly, he lost his life along with another person, while three others were badly hurt and taken to the hospital with stab wounds.

His name was Chrysler Stevens-Mark, and he was only 21 years old. His family and friends are sharing their sadness online, remembering him as a beloved brother, cousin, and son.

Detective Inspector Dave de Lange provided an update on the investigation, saying they’ve identified over 40 witnesses from the party. They’re asking anyone else who was there to come forward with any videos or photos they might have.

A 29-year-old man, who wasn’t invited to the party and has ties to a gang, appeared in court today. He’s been remanded in custody, but the investigation is still ongoing, and more people might be charged later on.

The police are making sure there’s a strong presence in the community, especially with Easter weekend coming up, to keep everyone safe. Inspector Darren Paki assured everyone that they’re doing everything they can to maintain peace and order.

The other victim, Kane Taare Gray, is also being remembered by his family. They shared their grief online, calling him a loving father and son.

Forensic teams are still at the scene of the fight on Lytton Rd, and the police are asking everyone to stay away while they continue their investigations.

One resident who heard the commotion described the chaos, with people screaming and fighting in the streets. It was a scary scene that left everyone shaken.

While it’s believed that gangs might have been involved, community leaders are urging everyone to stay calm and not seek revenge. Police Minister Mark Mitchell emphasized the importance of avoiding retaliation and keeping the peace.

Inspector Darren Paki recounted the events of that night, where a large fight broke out at a family gathering. It’s a tragic reminder of how quickly things can escalate and the importance of staying safe and looking out for each other.

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