Introducing the Viberate for Artists platform: a hub designed specifically for independent musicians aiming to push their careers to new heights. This platform seamlessly combines vital tools such as digital distribution, professional promotion utilities including free website for musicians and Spotify playlist pitching, as well as detailed analytics encompassing both social media and music channels.

About Viberate’s Expansion

Renowned as a prominent music data enterprise, Viberate’s main forte lies in delivering state-of-the-art music analytics to stalwarts in the industry. However, with their latest offering, they’ve broadened their horizons to cater to artists. The spectrum of data-driven tools they offer ranges from entirely free to premium options available for just $39 annually.

Unparalleled Free Website for Musicians

Viberate takes pride in boasting the world’s largest crowdsourced artist database. The authenticity of each artist page is ensured by a dedicated team of curators. A unique offering by Viberate is the creation of a free website for musicians. Each artist is entitled to a site, and in the rare case that they don’t already have one, Viberate promises to facilitate its addition.

These artist websites are structured to incorporate all pivotal details:

  1. Musical genre and home country.
  2. Top tracks and video releases.
  3. Upcoming event schedules.
  4. An intricate audience demographic.

These details prove invaluable for industry professionals scouting for fresh talent. Furthermore, artists can lay claim to these websites, gaining the capability to customize them with personal contact details and a booking interface. As Viberate aptly describes, these artist-specific sites are “aesthetically pleasing, autonomously created and refreshed, and ever-ready for dissemination.”

Harnessing Spotify for Artists stats

Besides the standard website offerings, artists can integrate their Spotify accounts to access comprehensive Spotify Stats for Artists. This integration allows them to:

  1. Track Spotify metrics like listeners, followers, streams, and stream origins.
  2. Delve into audience demographics by gender and age.
  3. Determine fanbase locations both by city and country.
  4. Identify countries where their listener count is surging.
  5. Monitor their performance across various playlists.

By analyzing their playlist statistics, artists can discern their top-performing tracks, trace their growth trajectory over a timeline, and consequently, evaluate their release success. Moreover, they can determine which playlists contribute the most to their stream count or listener base, invaluable data for devising promotional strategies.

Efficient Digital Music Distribution

Before diving into promotion, artists first need a robust platform for music release. Viberate for Artists ensures just that by offering unlimited digital music releases across all prominent streaming platforms.

Expertise in Spotify Playlist Pitching

Once the release phase concludes, artists can enhance their tracks’ reach via Viberate’s specialized Spotify playlist pitching tool. With access to a chart ranking over 12M playlists by their popularity, artists can handpick playlists that resonate with their musical essence, thereby amplifying their exposure.

The platform’s filtering capabilities are truly unparalleled. Playlists can be sifted based on genre, subgenre, playlist variety (such as editorial, indie, and more), song release timelines, and the popularity of the featured tracks. This enables artists to identify, for instance, indie curator playlists that predominantly feature House music, attract a follower base of over 15,000, include more than 30% tracks released recently, and can be contacted either directly or through external links.

One added perk? Artists can juxtapose their performance with peers in their genre and spot popular playlists that previously showcased their tracks.

Premium Features at Competitive Pricing

For those keen on unlocking the full potential of the Viberate for Artists platform, the Premium package is on offer at a mere $39 annually. This package encompasses a gamut of features from music distribution and superior promotional utilities to intricate analytics.

In summation, for independent artists aspiring to scale new heights in the music industry, Viberate’s comprehensive suite of tools, including their unique spotify promotion service, stands as a beacon of opportunity.


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