Reassess Your Retirement Savings with KiwiSaver nearing Year End

With the daily concerns of living costs, it’s easy to sideline saving for retirement. However, as the KiwiSaver financial year approaches its end, now is an ideal time to review your nest egg.

Laura O’Reilly, Fisher Funds Wealth Adviser Lead, highlights the significant advantage of KiwiSaver, particularly the government contribution. “For every dollar you invest, the government will contribute 50 cents, up to about $521,” she explains.

Optimizing Benefits

A study from 2023 revealed that approximately a million Kiwis were not maximizing the government’s top-up, either due to lacking a KiwiSaver account or not investing enough.

O’Reilly emphasizes, “Everyone eligible has until the end of June to ensure they’ve invested $1,043 to receive the full government contribution.” This amount may seem modest, but it can have a substantial long-term impact due to compounding returns.

For instance, a 25-year-old receiving the full $521.43 annually until age 65 could see an additional $20,857 in their KiwiSaver account. Even smaller investments can make a difference. “Even if you invest $500 annually, the government matches you 50 cents on the dollar and tops up by $250,” O’Reilly adds.

Eligibility Criteria

The government top-up is accessible to KiwiSaver members aged 18 to 65 primarily residing in New Zealand. As long as contributions are made, the government will contribute accordingly.

To check your savings and potential government contribution, simply log into your KiwiSaver account or MyIR.

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