One year following his leukemia diagnosis and a significant weight loss of 17 kilograms, New Zealand golfer Michael Hendry has triumphed on the Japan Tour, securing $107,000 in earnings.

Hendry clinched victory at the For The Players By the Players stableford tournament in Gunma, marking the end of his nine-year pursuit for a second title on the Japan Tour. His achievement is particularly remarkable, occurring almost precisely a year after his cancer diagnosis.

Reflecting on his journey since receiving the devastating news of his leukemia diagnosis, Hendry recounted his challenging hospitalization period, during which he shed 17 kilograms and was unable to play golf for five months. His hospital stay extended for three to four months, with a discharge in September, and a gradual return to the golf course commencing in October. Expressing gratitude for a second chance in his golfing career and emphasizing the importance of cherishing family time, Hendry shared his current goal of savoring the sport and precious moments with loved ones.

At The Golf Club Village, Hendry secured victory with six points, edging out second-placed Hideto Kobukuro by a mere point. With a total of 38 points, including two birdies and three bogeys, Hendry reclaimed the tournament title, last achieved at the 2015 Token Homemate Cup, marking a significant milestone in his comeback journey.

Prior to his leukemia diagnosis, Hendry had demonstrated exceptional form on the golf course, securing a runner-up position at the Asian Tour’s World City Championship and finishing 11th in the Token Homemate Cup.

Supported by his wife and daughter, Hendry navigated his treatment period and made a triumphant return to professional golf. In October, he achieved an emotional victory at the Clearwater Open, just months after his leukemia diagnosis, becoming the most successful player in the history of the Charles Tour with his ninth title win.

Reflecting on his victory, Hendry expressed his disbelief at his accomplishment in only his second major tournament back after enduring significant challenges throughout the year.