In April, consumers in New Zealand can anticipate the arrival of the distinctive black and white cans of White Claw, as confirmed by DB Breweries, the official partner of the brand. The buzz around this launch was further fueled by Kiwi singer and songwriter Paige Tapara, who recently shared her experience trying one of the first batches in an Instagram post.

DB Breweries’ senior marketing manager, Cormac van den Hoofdakker, officially confirmed the news, stating, “The rumours are true.” Although the nationwide launch is scheduled for late April, DB Breweries plans to introduce the brand with a ‘First Wave’ concept store in Newmarket, open for a limited time from April 5-7.

Located at 242 Broadway in Auckland’s Newmarket, the First Wave store will be an exclusive experience for adults aged 18 and above. However, while the arrival of White Claw may excite some consumers, Andrew Galloway, the executive director of Alcohol Healthwatch, expressed concerns about the potential impact on New Zealand’s drinking culture.

Galloway highlighted the already prevalent issue of harmful drinking patterns in New Zealand, cautioning against further encouragement. He emphasized that alcohol consumption offers no health benefits and cited the World Health Organization’s conclusion that there is no safe amount of alcohol consumption.

Once introduced, White Claw will join the ranks of established RTD brands in New Zealand, competing with popular options such as Vodka Cruisers, Long Whites, Cody’s, and Pals. The anticipation surrounding White Claw’s debut in New Zealand follows the arrival of Japan’s top-selling RTD, Kirin Hyoketsu, in November last year.